Hannah Knight is not just a woman, she is a vessel of ancient power.

When her father’s ship is savagely taken down by god-controlled vampire pirates, Hannah and her father are the sole survivors.

Kane O’Brien is more than just a captain—he’s a man trapped in an immortal nightmare. Once human, Kane is now cursed to transform into a vampire under the spectral glow of the full moon.

As Hannah battles for her freedom and Kane for his salvation, an irresistible bond grows between them, uniting their destinies in ways they could never have imagined.

Experience a captivating journey that seamlessly blends paranormal romance and fantasy, where reality is beautifully entwined with nightmare, where redemption is found in the least likely places, and where the most formidable foes are the demons we nurture within. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean will love the world of Ship of Blood and Curses.

In a realm where every shadow hides betrayal and trust is as precious as a pirate’s gold, the legendary William O’Brien is more than just a feared pirate—he’s a man tormented by a savage curse. Now, with each moon, he becomes a raging dragon, a beast he can’t control.

Haunted by a past where love was snatched away by treachery’s cold hand, William is caught in a storm of raw emotion. An enchanting sorceress, radiant yet shrouded in secrets, tempts his heart in ways he never imagined. She’s the forbidden siren he shouldn’t desire, but can’t resist. And as passions flare, another pirate—a dark and rugged rival—vows to claim the enchantress as his own.

But William stands at a crossroads. He must confront his deepest fears— the magic he distrusts and the burning desires threatening to consume him.

The Ship of Curses series returns with an electrifying second volume. Immerse yourself in a world of smoldering glances, forbidden desires, and heart-wrenching choices. Can true love break the chains of the darkest curses?

For lovers of intense passion, tangled destinies, and romances that defy all odds, this tale promises an adventure that will set your heart aflame.


A demon’s offer. A vampire pirate’s choice. One decision could cost him his very soul.

The tempestuous waters churned like a boiling cauldron, the waves shifting and crashing against Ronan MacMillian’s ship. He was a feared and legendary pirate—but this night he sailed with a thirst for both blood and revenge.

Betrayed by an old enemy, Ronan lost his most powerful weapon—his hand. The hook now swung from his belt in a cruel reminder of his enemy’s treachery.

But Ronan would not be deterred—fueled by anger and darkness, he struck a deal with a demon—To restore his hand in exchange for the beautiful mermaid Angelica, daughter of the Merking.

On moonless nights, he ventured to forbidden depths, searching for her amongst the jagged rocks and hidden caves. Yet as his boat drew closer, Ronan felt something stirring deep in his soul—a power greater than any spell or enchantment. For Angelica was not just any mermaid—she was his fated mate, bound together beyond time or war.

If Ronan handed her over to the demon, he would pay with more than just his heart—he would damn his own soul.

“The Sea of Blood and Betrayal” tells the story of a vampire pirate’s struggle between revenge and love, between wrath and redemption.