This is The Outsides gone paranormal with a touch of romance!

Want to read more about the Legacy Academy series? Then meet Lucien’s brother, Armond, and Raven’s sister, Ebony. This is before either one of them attended Legacy!

Armond: A dark demon kidnapped me when I was two years old and thrust me into a nightmare of living hell.

My uncle hates me and no matter what he does to me, I heal in three days. I don’t know why or know what I am.

My tormentors say I am a monster.

I never would have known love if it wasn’t for my friends––true friends who are more like brothers and would do anything to protect me.

On my fourteenth birthday, I sprouted wings, and my world turned upside down.

I’m not human. I’m a Golden Demon, the missing link to another family, and my big brother is Lucien–a warrior in the crusade against the dark demons.

He tells me I’m destined to save the Golden Demons and must abandon my friends. My people are dying.

How can I leave the only family I have ever known to fulfill a destiny I never wanted?

But then at my new family’s home, I meet a girl, Ebony, but she’s not human, either. She’s a dragon and when she gets mad, horns grow out of her head. I can’t stop thinking about her. Now, I’m really torn.

This is the first book in the Before Legacy series. If you want to unravel the secrets about Lucien’s brother, dive into a coming of age story, and a fall in love with a band of brothers, then you’ll want to get this action and adventure series!
This book is The Outsiders gone paranormal with a tinge of romance!

***This is an upper YA coming of age book and not a romance. The stories in this series are what happened to the heroes before they attend Legacy Academy!

I had finally found love and acceptance only to have it ripped away from me again…

My dad, Ryker King of the Dark Demons, has me back in his prison, trying to force me to do his bidding…

The only thing I have to console myself is my memories…memories of my new friends that are a family I never had…and Ebony…

Ebony fills my dreams, and if I could only get back to her, maybe I could find love again.

But no one has ever escaped from my dad’s private hell hole: Nightstone Prison…

The only way for me to be released is if I betray my friends and Ebony…

I’d rather die.

This is the second book in the Before Legacy series. If you like secret powers, coming of age stories, and new found brotherhood, then get this story and go on an adventure.

***This is an upper YA coming of age book and not a romance. The stories in this series are what happened to the heroes before they attend Legacy Academy!

I’m different from my traitorous family, but no one will give me a chance.

My father broke the ancient vampire code and turned dark.

Now our powers are stripped, and society shuns us.

The girl of my dreams is going to Red Rose Academy.

She’s the only one who has ever believed in me.

Her father has forbidden her from seeing me.

I have to prove him wrong.

That I’m not like my family.

The only way to do that is to get into Red Rose Academy, but the doors are closed.

My only hope is to convince the Headmaster that I’m not like my family.

He’ll let me in if I can pass the trials.

If I fail, I’ll have to live like an outcast and never see my dream girl again.

Curl up with Valentin and fall in love again.