Kidnapped from my college campus as just as I’ve tasted freedom, then sold to the Angel of Death—Angelo Santi, the vampire mafia King.
I’m now a captive in a world I never knew existed, caught in a tangled web of ancient feuds and dangerous desires.

He claims that I have the power to save his people by reigniting a dying magical stone.

He’s delusional. I have no powers, but if I try to escape, he’ll start by killing my best friend and move to everyone I’ve ever loved.

As if that is not bad enough, the bodies of murdered women who look just like me keep turning up in the French Quarter.

Someone is framing him. That same person is hunting me.

Angelo’s the only man that I’ve ever trusted to protect me, but he’s a temptation that could lead to my ruin.

While his heart may be cold as his ice, the seductive vampire king sets my soul on fire. In this twisted game of blood and darkness, nothing is as it seems…except the intensity of our passion.

Chains of Blood and Darkness is a dark, steamy enemies-to-lovers vampire romance with a sassy, strong heroine and a drop-dead gorgeous, powerful vampire king. Get ready for intense action, jaw-dropping plot twists, sizzling forbidden romance, and dark supernatural thrills will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Want to find out how Angelo Santi became the vampire mafia king?

From the ashes of despair, a vampire mafia king rises.

In plague-ravaged Italy, young Angelo watches as his family is torn apart by the merciless disease. Desperate to save his sister Gianna, he accepts the dark gift of vampirism from the notorious Dracula. But his choice fractures their sibling bond when he turns Gianna without her consent.

As Angelo’s power grows under Dracula’s guidance, he learns to navigate the night. But when Dracula imposes new rules, Angelo rebels and journeys to New Orleans. There, he rises to become the king of the vampire mafia, hardening his heart against love. Yet, the ghosts of his past and the unresolved conflict with Gianna haunt him.

In this gripping prequel, the origin of the vampire mafia king unfolds against a backdrop of supernatural power and the unbreakable ties of family. Can Angelo reconcile with his sister and rule his new domain, or will the dark gift he embraced be his ultimate undoing?

From the ashes of despair, a vampire mafia king rises.