I just got a one way ticket to Academy for Reapers.

No second chance.

That’s not the worst thing, I’m eighteen again. Everyone starts over at this academy at the same age.

But it’s high school all over again.

Mean girls, homework, and the Untouchables—hot reaper guys with attitude.

I have visions about my dad and I don’t know if they are real.

If they are, he’s in mortal danger, and I have to help him.

But first I have to pass my trial. We have to work in pairs and my partner is one of the Untouchable with a serious chip on his shoulder.

And did I mention, there’s a big bad demon trying to bring down the reapers and still all the souls.

There’s a war between Heaven and Hell and I’m stuck in the middle of it.

Grab this new academy romance filled with reapers, angels, and demons!

I fought my way out of Hell, but that’s not my hardest task. It’s winning the heart of a stubborn reaper.

He doesn’t need anybody. He doesn’t want anybody. He wants to be left alone.
He’s a wounded hero on the path of destruction.

He’s told me to get lost, but I’m not going anywhere.

An archangel has accused him of serious crimes at Soul Academy and has set a bounty on his head. I’m the only one who can heal my reaper’s broken heart, but I need a team to save him from his enemies.

The lines have been drawn. Bring it on. I’m ready to fight for my mate.

Come rally behind me in helping my dark and broody reaper realize he’s worthy of love.

After discovering who I am, I now have to step up and be what everyone needs me to be.

A reaper.

A leader.

A mate.

It will take all of my newfound powers and my team in order to rescue the bad boy I love and prove an archangel wrong.

But first I have to find the dark, hooded figure who framed him and bring them to justice.

I got expelled and now I’m stuck in a supernatural prison.

If I try to escape, a demon will hunt me down and demand my soul.

And my mate isn’t making things easy here.

We have to attend school to change our behavior, or remain here forever, but he’s breaking every single rule.

I can’t stay here. I have to make things right, even if it means I’ll be a demon’s slave forever.

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