The evil king is dead. The new queen has given me a command, an impossible command.

She wants me to restore Dark Moon Academy and bring back the professors back who made it great.
The problem is I haven’t lived at the Moon Kingdom for years, so nobody remembers me. In fact, the nobility rarely speaks to me, even though the new queen is my niece.

Dark Moon Academy was run more like a prison rather than a school, and parents don’t want to send their kids there. It’s my job to convince them that it’s different, but they don’t trust a lone wolf.

I need help. In steps, the former headmaster of Dark Moon Academy that makes my head spin. But he’s not the only one. There’s a certain bad boy reaper who constantly pulls at my heart strings. I need to stay focus and fulfill my queen’s request.

It’s not just my queen’s desire, but my gift to her.