I’m a hunter, and I thought I knew everything there was about vampires, but I was dead wrong.

Where blood flows, the sin of gluttony follows, and my brother and I are caught in its deadly thirst.

My twin brother, Damon, and I grew up in the shadows of the supernatural, trained by our father, a legendary hunter and an Elder in a world you wouldn’t believe exists.

Our lives? A relentless pursuit of the things that go bump in the night, ever since we lost our mom to a vampire’s fangs when we were just kids. But now, Dad’s gone missing, and we’re on a treacherous path to find him.

We thought we knew the drill – stake ’em, salt ’em, save the day. That was until we met our newest nightmare: vampires, or so we thought, leaving nothing but skeletons in their wake. These creatures, they’re playing by rules we’ve never seen, and we’re in way over our heads.

Then there’s Justice, a vampire fighting his own kind, a guy from some group called the Paranormal Mercenary Corp. Trusting a vampire? Not exactly in our playbook.

But when your enemy’s enemy is… well, you know how it goes. Doesn’t help that there’s something about Justice that’s messing with my head, in ways a hunter’s heart shouldn’t be stirred.

As we delve deeper into this mystery, every shadow whispers secrets, and every clue leads to more questions. Who are these new monsters? What happened to our father? And why does everything feel like it’s hanging by a thread?

One thing’s for sure: Damon and I are going to find the truth. We’ll hunt these monsters down, save our dad, and maybe, just maybe, figure out what’s going on with me and my unexpected ally.

In this deadly game of cat and mouse, it’s not just our lives on the line – it’s our souls.

When shadows fall, the line between ally and enemy blurs as supernatural hunters confront forbidden desires and betrayals to defeat a chilling new evil.

In a chilling new tale, supernatural hunters Sawyer and Damon Grant face a sinister force that defies everything they know.

As they delve deeper into the mystery, Sawyer finds herself torn between the world she knows and the forbidden allure of Justice, a vampire whose connection with her grows stronger by the day.

With personal conflicts and the shadows of their past looming over them, the line between ally and enemy blurs, making every decision a matter of life and death.

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