Welcome to Legacy Academy!

There are three rules at this supernatural academy:

Date your own kind. Mixing with the other races is forbidden.

Never speak or look at The Royals, the powerful princes destined to rule each of their kingdoms.

Avoid the human world.

Of course, I’ve already broken all the rules.

There’s something different about me. Something that’s not pure. I’m not like the other dragon shifters. Maybe it’s because of my human blood.

The Royals have noticed me and every girl at the Academy hates me.

I never knew the paranormal world existed until one day I have a fight with Mom, I come home to find her gone, and poof, I’m a dragon shifter.

It would have been nice if Mom would have told me. But then again secrets rule my family…

But now she’s been kidnapped and I have no answers. I have to find her.

Some powerful demon is after me, because supposedly I’m a threat to his power. Which is crazy! Has he seen me in class?

Grab this new romance academy and enroll in Legacy where you’ll meet dragons, wolves, demons, Fae, and vampires!

Whew, my first year at the academy is over––what a ride.

I found a magical orb that showed me Mom is alive, but I don’t know where she is. 

The only way to find her is for me to master my powers, but I’m failing. If I don’t pass, I’ll be kicked out of school. 

Without my powers, I won’t be strong enough to defeat the Dark Demons and rescue Mom. 

My two handsome princes are still with me. They make it hard to stay focused, but I have to, or Mom will slip through my fingers.

Unfortunately, the Dark Demons are becoming bolder and if I don’t work fast, I could lose everyone I love.

Legacy Academy: Year Two is the second book in this academy romance. If you like a strong heroine, supernatural guys, and action adventure, then you’ll love this YA/NA tale!

Get M Guida’s Legacy Academy: Year Two for another exciting spin with Raven and her Royal Princes!

I barely survived my second year at Legacy Academy, and I have more crazy powers that are hard to control. 

But I have to, right?

Unfortunately, the dark demons want me and last time almost got me if it weren’t for Lucien and the Defenders.

To make matters worse, there’s a reason why I’m different from all the other dragons. The Headmaster dropped a bomb that knocked my socks off!

More prophecies are coming true, and they’ll change the supernatural world forever.

I’m not sure what’s in store for this coming year, but I do know if I don’t get a hand on my destiny I could lose my mom forever.

The problem is, I can’t focus on mastering my powers when all I want to do is to be with Lucien, but can we ever be together? He’s a Golden Demon and I’m a dragon, but according to him, we can change the rules.

But at what price?

Legacy Academy Year Three is the third book in the Legacy Academy romance series. If you want to unravel riddles, dive into forbidden love, and attend a magical school, then you’ll want to grab this twisting, turning tale!

I’m supposed to be starting my fourth year of school, but Legacy’s in deep trouble.

Ryker has taken everything from me, and I want revenge.

The Defenders are scattered. Lucien’s missing.

 And I am alone.

My heart’s broken, but I’m not defeated. I have to rely on my training and on my dragon to gather back the Defenders and find Lucien.

A final showdown is coming between me and Ryker. He’ll pay for what he did.

That I swear!

Legacy Academy Year Four is the fourth book in the Legacy Academy romance series. If you like strong heroines, dominate heroes, and a battle between good and evil, then you’ll want to snag this forbidden love story.

Want more Legacy? This is Raven’s sister’s story! Watch the legacy continue!!!

Ebony: I’m stuck at Legacy Academy, trying to live down my big sister’s reputation.

I’m not Raven.

But try telling this to the other girls who want my head on a platter.

I’m not special. In fact, I’m a big, fat mess.

I didn’t want to go to school. I wanted revenge, but like my sister before me, I can’t control my powers.

My anger gets in the way and everybody knows it, because my stupid horns pop out of my head when I get mad.

All I want to do is punish Ryker, King of the Dark Demons, for what he did to my grandparents. I can’t shake this fury, brewing inside me. It’s getting stronger day by day.

The only thing that keeps me sane are the two alphas who are part of the Six Sentinels. They watch over me, but I have to stay away from them. My power and my feelings are too unstable.

When I lash out, crazy things happen. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

I want to run away, but I can’t break the ward keeping me trapped at school. Plus, I know the Sentinels would hunt me down.

This is the fifth book in the Legacy Academy Series. If you want to find out more about a new brotherhood, forbidden romance, and action adventure, pick up this book and lose yourself in another whirlwind legend!

The Unseelie are one step ahead of us and I should be focusing on stopping them…

But my mind is focused on the one guy who doesn’t want anything to do with me.

One kiss turned my world upside down, but if I don’t get back into the game, the enemy will win.

Why do I want him when I have other guys who are trying to win my heart

 I want to choose my own destiny but that’s not the way of the vampires.

I know Gunnar is my true mate but I’m forbidden to tell him how I feel.

It gets even worse because a vampire royal wants to claim me and I only have to until the end of this school year to figure how to control my own life and choose the man I love.

Get lost in the world of Ebony’s Legacy. This is the third book in Gunnar’s and Ebony’s story as this gifted girl discovers the truth about herself.

The last battle between good and evil. My mate, the Sentinels and the Defenders are all in a fight for our lives.

The last dragon stone is hidden in the Starlight Kingdom. It’s a race between us and our enemies.

Sacrifices will have to be made to win this war, but I’m determined to keep my loved ones safe, especially Gunnar. This is our last chance for happiness and I’ll do anything to make it happen.

Enjoy the final chapter in the Legacy series. It’s filled with fated mates, forbidden romance, and action and adventure!