I’ve been expelled from every school. Strange things happen when I lose my temper.

Objects fly around the room or things break mysteriously or even burn up.

And now I know why. Secrets run deep in my family. Secrets that could get me killed.

At least that’s what my mom said. And now, she’s told me a doozy. There are reason things happen around me. I’m a witch. A witch that doesn’t know how to control her powers.

So, that’s why I’m stuck here at Goody Magic Academy.

But you think with finding out I can do magic would be enough for me to figure out.

But no—there’s this arrogant guy who claims to be vampire royalty. If he’s royalty, why is he the dishwasher? And he despises witches. So, why is he at witch academy?

The worst thing is he’s super-hot. Like drives me crazy hot. Like I-can’t-keep-thinking-about-him hot.

And then there’s the High Priestess. She’s not happy I’m here. And she’s very preoccupied about who my father is, the same father that abandoned me when I was a baby. Why does she care?

There’s something not right here. There’s whispers of something evil coming here. But no one is supposed to talk about it—the High Priestess number one rule.

But when have I ever followed the rules?

Goody Magic Academy Year One is the first book in the series and it’s an enemies to lovers and forbidden romance story wrapped in a world of magic and secrets.