Just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean it’s right…

Vampire society is dominated by men.

Women are tools to be used to gain them power…

Mates have always been chosen for us

My father is the advisor for the king, and he wants me to be with the prince.

But he’s not the only game in town. It’s about time my desires were heard.

I’m about to change all that… I know who I want

I’m tired of having to follow the rules, especially at Red Rose Academy.

We’re supposed to just work on our supernatural beauty,
but we’re not just beauty queens.

We’re warriors.

It’s time that women take a stand.

The first rebellion is about to begin…

Women have never been able to compete at the Academy Games.

But this year, we will.

I have drawn the line in the sand.

We’re powerful. We’re strong. We’re vampires.

Get ready for a shake down at Red Rose Academy where men will see us in a new light and like it

I’m different than the other vampire girls here—something that almost cost me my life last year.
I’m more powerful, more unpredictable, a true rebel.

Breaking the rules has become second nature to me. I want women to have the same rights as men…to be able to choose our fated mates.

That’s something my abusive father can’t tolerate. I’m constantly playing a deadly game of chess with him. He’s become more dangerous as if he’s afraid of me. His attitude towards me has grown darker. I know he’s hiding something, a secret that could hurt me…

Someone tried to force me to break my vow and go dark side, unleashing a hunger that I can’t control, threatening everyone I love. There’s an evil force circling me and if I’m not careful it will be checkmate.

I’m torn between two vampires—one’s a prince and the other an outlaw. My father wants me to choose the prince so he’ll be one step closer to the throne. The prince could make all my dreams of women becoming equal come true.

But there’s the vampire outlaw, someone who he’s always been there when I needed him the most and could take me away from the scary world I know and give me what I want most—freedom.

Both of them risked their lives to save me. I know one of them is my fated mate, but for some reason, I can’t see clearly. Something or someone is blocking the truth from me.

Father may have figure out a way to block my ability to see my true mate. Is this his secret or is it something more sinister?

Chess pieces are being played and now it’s time to determine who will win. This year I’m determined to make even more changes.
Last year, I was able to convince the headmaster to allow vampire women to compete in the Academy Games.

But I want so much more. Go ahead, Father, make your next move, I’m ready.

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