I didn’t even know the supernatural world existed until I shifted into a wolf

A wolf guard comes to my trailer and claims I’m the missing wolf princess and heir to the throne. He whisks me away to an aunt I never knew I had.

My uncle the king wants me dead.

And he’s sent out assassins to hunt me down and kill me.

To defeat him, the guard and a prince teach me to fight.

But it’s hard too concentrate with the two hottest guys training me.

My first trial is coming up and if I don’t win, then I’m not worthy to be a princess.

And my uncle will be victorious.

This is the first book in the Wolf Princess series. If you like forbidden romance, action and adventure, and fated mates, then you’ll want to dive in this new series.

Deadly alliances are closing in on me.

War between the wolf kingdoms is brewing and I’m caught in the middle of it.

My heart is torn between my two protectors and my choice will not only impact my destiny, but my pack as well.

I can’t make a mistake. I must pick a mate that the other kingdoms will accept to stop the wars.

But try telling that to my wolf, she knows my fated mate and doesn’t care about wolf politics.

The key is finding the witch to prove my uncle’s a traitor and retake my crown, but he knows I’m coming, ready to imprison or kill me.

My two defenders can’t help me. I must face him alone and seek my revenge.

Delve into forbidden romance.

Just scroll up and click on Wolf Prince.

My mate is captured and he’ll die unless I face my enemy alone.

The final battle is here. I have to prove that I’m worthy of the crown.

Everything rests on me.

But I’m willing to accept the challenge.

I want justice for my parents’ murder and my demon wolves’ enslavement.

My enemy doesn’t play fair, and I know it’s an ambush.

Bring it on, dude. Win or lose, I’m ready.